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Awesome cannabis article on PTSD

For several, bud is now the self-medication drug of choice when it comes to addressing a multitude of PTSD symptoms. But are there ways in which cannabis might be doing more harm than good? This article will take a look into the benefits and dangers entailed in using marijuana--legal or otherwise--to manage PTSD.

A PTSD sufferer is likely to find the potential gains in cannabis use. Adults suffering from PTSD are three times more likely to be dependent on cannabis, and the figures for military veterans are generally higher. There is strong anecdotal evidence as well as preliminary scientific evidence supporting that its synthetic derivatives or cannabis may address hyper- arousal, stress, sleep disturbance, nightmares, and melancholy.

But cannabis use is not without risks. Recent research have supported the links between the downgrading of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and regular pro's and con's using cannabis with PTSD cannabis use. In a nutshell, by introducing outside THC, change is created in the mind that results in dependence on the drug. The good news is, this change seems to turn approximately four weeks after discontinuing cannabis use.