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Am I At Risk?

Explanations of PTSD focus primarily on the road that traumatic experiences affect the head. Upon facing overwhelming trauma theorists speculate, your brain struggles to process feelings and data in a standard way. It's as though feelings and the ideas at that time of the traumatic event undertake a life of their own, causing distress and later intruding into mind.

Pre-traumatic psychological factors (for example, low selfesteem) may make this process worse (for example, low self-esteem might be reinforced with a brutal rape). Post-traumatic responses by others (for example, a raped girl who is viewed by household as “dirty”) and from the self (for example, physical distress due to thoughts of the rape) could also may play a role in influencing whether such symptoms persist. It is hypothesized that just after successful reprocessing of the traumatic event(s) do PTSD symptoms lower.